Elite Hoops on visionOS: Basketball Play Creation in Spatial Computing

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Apple Vision Pro is a new device from Apple that will usher in a new era of how we interact with technology. It’s called spatial computing, and among its advantages are that you can use software that goes beyond the limitations of a physical screen. Today, Elite Hoops is amazing at creating plays on your iPad, mac or iPhone:

A screenshot of Elite Hoops on iPadOS.

Now, imagine being able to make the court the size of your living room. Or, creating plays on a canvas several times larger than the whiteboard hanging on your wall at your facility. What if you could zoom into details more precisely than you ever could before?

All of that and more is what Elite Hoops on Vision Pro will do:

A screenshot of Elite Hoops on visionOS.

We’re proud to be the first basketball play making software available for Apple Vision Pro. Every single feature that coaches from all levels have come to rely on us for will be available on visionOS. Draw up your plays on a half or full court, use any court dimensions, use a full array of different markers and more:

A screenshot of Elite Hoops on visionOS.

Managing your rosters will be easier than ever thanks to all of the screen real estate spatial computing gives us:

A screenshot of Elite Hoops on visionOS.

And, of course, recording plays is a dream in Apple Vision Pro. It’s like you’re standing in front of the big whiteboard in front of your team, but so much better. As always, you can easily send plays to your players and coaching staff:

A screenshot of Elite Hoops on visionOS.

We’re just getting started, too. Today, in a few short months since lauch, we’ve helped coaches share over 3,000 plays with their teams and coaching staff. We can’t wait to add to that number when coaches get their hands on Apple Vision Pro. Make no mistake, we will continue to innovate and invest in the spatial computing space - and as cliché as it sounds, this is just the beginning.

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