Elite Hoops for iOS 17

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New iOS 17 Features in Elite Hoops.

Version 1.1.0 of Elite Hoops is available now, and it takes advantage of your iOS device like never before. Along with features such as widgets, shortcuts and more — now you can also add your team’s logo to share your team pride everywhere. Here’s a brief look at what’s new.


There are several widgets in this version to help you get things done faster and keep your team mentally locked in:

Elite Hoops widgets.

Basketball Quotes
We all know it’s a mental game, so the quote widget will cycle through motivational quotes from the game’s greats to help keep you and your team hungry. You can even tap on the arrow to cycle through different quotes:

Elite Hoops widgets.

The best part? Tap on the widget to spruce up the quote, and share it as an image to your team, or on social media:

Elite Hoops widgets.

Team Widget
As a coach, your team is never far from your thoughts. Now, you can get started on your next play design for them with the team widgets. Tapping on it will quickly open them up in Elite Hoops, ready to go.

Elite Hoops landscape widgets.

All widgets are available in the following places:

  • Lock Screen
  • Standby Mode
  • Home Screen
  • On iPad
  • On Mac


You can use Siri to open a team in Elite Hoops, get a basketball quote or add a player to a team. Either open up the Shortcuts app to get started, or in Elite Hoops go to Settings -> Widgets, Shortcuts & More to see how it (and several other features) work.

Elite Hoops shortcuts and Siri features.

Spotlight Search, Home Screen Quick Actions & More

In addition to all of that, we’ve packed this update with several quality of life fixes and additions. Tap and hold on the Elite Hoops icon from the Home Screen to open up teams quickly, or get a basketball quote. Search for your roster or team using Spotlight. There’s even more, but know that Elite Hoops is committed to not only being a great way to share plays, but also provide you with a sturdy, reliable and expertly-crafted iOS app.

Elite Hoops iOS features..

Finally, you can now add in your team’s logo. It’ll show up all over the place, too. On widgets, plays you share, images you make and more. Plus, if your logo doesn’t look quite right, maybe the background is a little off, you can use our in-app tools to remove the background and edit the logo.

Elite Hoops logos.

All of this is available now, go check it out and remember — you can reach out to Elite Hoops anytime with feedback.

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