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A lot of times, youth basketball players may not be ready to tee up from the three point line. Their bodies aren’t quite strong enough to use the correct shooting form to get it there without chucking it.

However, there are exceptions.

If you’ve got a player that can properly pull up from three point range, and is also skilled at driving in, here’s a baseline out of bounds play you can use to get them either one of those looks.

Here’s a step-by-step overview:


  1. Your shooter lines up on the bottom of the lane, opposite of where the inbound player is.
  2. Have a big line up across from them on the bottom of the lane, right in front of the inbound player.
  3. Have your two remaining players line up at the top of the lane on the left and right side.
  4. Be sure to choose your best passer to inbound the ball.


  1. The two players on the same side of the inbound player set screens for the players next to them.
  2. Your shooter will wait for the screen, and go out to the three point line. This is the main look.
  3. If it’s not there, look for the player above him or her, who will do the same thing.

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