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New play diagramming running on Elite Hoops.

Diagramming is here

“Can you add shapes and icons for cuts, dribbles, screens, cones — that kind of thing?”

This is the number one email I get from coaches. Now, I’m happy to announce play diagram icons are ready to go - Elite Hoops version 1.1.3 is available on the App Store now. Update right now, and you can make drills, plays or anything else with clear iconography so players can quickly pick up whatever concept you’re trying to teach.

Support for all actions

Each basketball move is represented using industry standard icons. That means you get the wavy line for dribbles, the line with a dash for screens and more. If you’re new to play diagramming, each icon is labeled for you too — so you can pick it up in no time:

Play diagramming example.

Jersey Power Ups

What’s important to show during a play? Is it the jersey number, the last name, the positional number of 1-5? The answer is that it’s different for each of you. Some coaches don’t need player names at all, they just want five players on the board. Others show situational plays for situational players, and then jersey numbers and names are paramount.

Now, you can tweak jerseys to only show what’s important to you:

Customize jerseys.

Stay Locked In

Want to quickly open a team? Need a motivational quote from some of the game’s greats on your Home Screen to keep you locked in? Just add our new widgets, and you can keep your team and players at the top of your mind, all the time.

Elite Hoops widgets.

This is just the start, keep it locked here or download Elite Hoops from the App Store to start coaching easier today. We’ve got a lot more coming.

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